Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region Ultimate Guide

Margaret River Wine Region: A Terroir Like No Other

The Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region in Western Australia is a unique and beautiful place known for its exceptional wines. This region is famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blends, which have won international acclaim. The area’s special climate and ancient soils create the perfect conditions for these wines. Margaret River’s wine history began in the late 1960s with pioneers like Vasse Felix, and today, it boasts over 200 wineries.

The region is committed to sustainable and organic farming, with more than 25% of vineyards using these practices. This dedication helps preserve the natural beauty and quality of the area. Visitors can explore over 90 cellar doors, offering a range of experiences from casual tastings to world-class dining. The region is also known for its stunning natural landscapes, making it a perfect destination for wine lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

“Margaret River is a one-of-a-kind and extraordinary wine region, with a truly distinct sense of place driven by its pristine natural environment.” – Vanya Cullen, Cullen Wines Founder

Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region

Western Australia’s Margaret River region enjoys a stellar reputation across the globe as one of the premier destinations for wine enthusiasts. This compact, blessed coastal area boasts a unique “terroir” – the ideal combination of soil, climate, and geographical factors for producing exceptional, world-class wines.

Margaret River particularly excels in crafting distinctive, award-winning styles of Cabernet SauvignonChardonnay, and classic Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blends that continue receiving high praise from critics and oenophiles internationally.

The Terroir of Margaret River

Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region

So what precisely makes Margaret River’s terroir so special? Local winemakers point to several key elemental factors:

  • Location just south of Perth, with a warm, maritime climate tempered by cooling Indian Ocean breezes
  • Ancient, free-draining soils comprised of granite and gravelly loam ideally suited for premium grapes
  • Vast surrounding forest areas sheltering vineyards from harsh interior conditions

Collectively, these elements foster an extended, even growing season that allows grapes to ripen steadily while developing intense varietal character balanced by crucial acidity levels.

“We are truly blessed here – with extremely high-quality soils, a perfect maritime climate, and a long history of sustainable, environmentally-conscious farming practices.” – Larry Cherubino, Larry Cherubino Wines

Many Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region follow certified sustainable, biodynamic, and organic farming principles to protect and preserve this pristine natural environment and terroir.

According to data from Wines of Western Australia, over 25% of the region’s total grapevine area is currently cultivated using certified sustainable practices.

Ripe Chardonnay grapes growing in a Margaret River vineyard

Certified sustainable farming helps nurture grapes like these Margaret River Chardonnay. (Image: Erin Larkin / Leeuwin Estate)

Margaret River’s Pioneering Winemaking Origins

While the indigenous Noongar people have cultivated the Margaret River land for over 40,000 years, the region’s modern commercial winemaking roots can be traced back to the late 1960s with a handful of pioneering wineries:

Key Events in Margaret River Winemaking History:

  • 1967: Vasse Felix establishes the first commercial vineyard
  • 1970s: Estates like Leeuwin, Cullen, Moss Wood take root
  • 1980s-90s: Rapid growth and international acclaim
  • Today: Over 200 wineries, global reputation for quality

These trailblazing estates played an instrumental role in transforming Margaret River from a relatively unknown viticultural frontier into one of the great winemaking regions of the New World, earning comparisons to prestigious appellations like Napa Valley and Bordeaux.

Margaret River’s Signature Wine Varieties

“Margaret River truly shines when it comes to crafting delicious, varietally expressive and cellar-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.”
– Huon Hooke, Australia’s Most Awarded Wine Writer

Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region has solidified its global reputation by producing benchmark examples of several signature red and white varieties ideally suited to the local terroir:

Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

Pairs With: Grilled meats, hard cheeses, truffles Age-Worthiness: Wines can cellar 20+ years

  • Bold, complex reds with concentrated flavors of dark fruit
  • Firm, dusty tannins and distinctive notes of eucalyptus, cedar, earth
  • Renowned Producers: Cullen, Leeuwin Estate, Vasse Felix, Moss Wood
  • “The greatest Cabernet being produced anywhere across the globe today.” – Steven Spurrier, Celebrated British Wine Critic

Margaret River Chardonnay

Pairs With: Roast chicken, creamy sauces, enjoyable on its own Age-Worthiness: Best consumed within 5-10 years

  • Complex, barrel-fermented styles with ripe stone fruit, citrus richness
  • Nuanced notes of struck match, nuts, toasted oak, underlying minerality
  • Producers: Leeuwin “Art Series”, Cullen “Kevin John”, Vasse Felix, Voyager
  • “Chardonnay from Margaret River stands apart as uniquely distinctive and world-class.” – James Halliday, Australian Wine Critic & Author

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Blends

Pairs With: Seafood, salads, warm-weather sipping Age-Worthiness: Best consumed within 1-3 years

  • Crisp, vibrant dry whites offering citrus zing and grassy notes
  • Zesty flavors of lime, grapefruit, freshly cut grass, saline minerality
  • Producers: Leeuwin Estate “Art Series”, Vasse Felix, Cullen
  • “These blended whites utterly over-deliver on quality for their price point.” – Jancis Robinson, Leading British Wine Critic

Margaret River Shiraz/Syrah

Pairs With: Lamb, barbecue, hearty stews Age-Worthiness: Can cellar 10+ years

  • Rich, ripe reds showing black/blue fruit character and savory spice
  • Notes of pepper, olives, dried herbs, smoky oak influence
  • Producers: Vasse Felix, Voyager Estate, Cullen, Windows Estate
  • “World-class…at their finest, these Margaret River Shiraz possess vivid fruit with an ethereal perfume.” – The WineAccess Travel Guide


  • Tempranillo: Spicy, bold Spanish variety gaining success
  • Vermentino: Crisp, zesty Italian white showing promise
  • Malbec: Inky, powerful Argentine red to rival Cabernet

“Margaret River deserves its place among the world’s most recognized wine regions. We had one cellar-worthy bottle after another on our visit.”
– Westley P., Minneapolis MN

So whether it’s the region’s hallmark Cabernet and Chardonnay, classic Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blends, or the spice-driven Shiraz, Margaret River consistently produces distinctive, balanced, premium-quality wines across varieties perfectly suited to the local terroir.

Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region

Top “Must Visit” Margaret River Wineries, Cellar Doors, & Experiences

“Any listing of the world’s top 100 wineries should certainly include Leeuwin Estate, Vasse Felix, Cullen Wines, Voyager Estate and several others from the Margaret River region.”
– Robert Parker, Legendary Wine Critic

“Embark on a Vinous Voyage: Margaret River’s Wine Sanctuaries”

Best Winery Tours Margaret River Region is home to over 200 wineries, each offering a unique window into the soul of its wines. Iconic estates like Vasse Felix, the region’s viticultural pioneer, and Leeuwin Estate, with its world-renowned Art Series, are not just stops on a tour; they are destinations in their own right. Visitors like Greg J. from Budapest have found themselves captivated by the “exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon” at Cullen Wines, while Justin and Melissa T. from Singapore describe Voyager Estate as “the total package wine experience.” These personal stories of discovery and delight are a testament to the unforgettable experiences that await at Margaret River’s celebrated wineries.

While there are now over 200 wineries dotted across the Margaret River region, a handful of iconic producers consistently stand out as absolute “must-visit” destinations:

The iconic Leeuwin Estate concert at night

Leeuwin Estate’s stunning alfresco concert series is a quintessential Margaret River experience.

Cullen Wines

– Founding winery renowned globally for exceptional biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay
– Elegant tasting room offering seated tastings overlooking gorgeous vineyards – Diana Madeline restaurant highlighting locally-sourced modern Australian cuisine

“Some of the most exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve ever tasted – bold and fruit-driven yet with incredible elegance.”

Greg J., Budapest

“One of Australia’s greatest estates producing premium, world-class Cabernet and Chardonnay.” – Wine Enthusiast

Leeuwin Estate

– Iconic Art Series line of wines including the acclaimed Art Series Chardonnay – Guided estate tours, seated tastings, summer concert series – 5-star Leeuwin Restaurant featuring sweeping views of karri forest

“The Art Series Chardonnay is simply world-class – rich, complex, and beautifully balanced. Worth every penny.”

Vasse Felix

– Site of the first commercial vineyard planted in Margaret River
– Diverse, award-winning portfolio from Cabernet and Chardonnay to Syrah – Unique wine lounge experience, immersive estate tours, special events
!!! Both Leeuwin Estate and Vasse Felix continually rate among the top wineries across all of Australia.

Voyager Estate

– Iconic Cape Dutch estate complex housing winery, restaurants, bakery – Renowned wines like the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay
– Interactive “Project” experiences like blending seminars

“Voyager offers the total package wine experience – amazing wines, delicious food, and immersive behind-the-scenes tours. Our favorite stop in the region!”

Justin & Melissa T., Singapore

While all offer exceptional, award-winning wines, these iconic wineries also provide visitors with immersive cellar door experiences like:

  • Winemaker-hosted estate and vineyard tours
  • Tutored tastings of library vintages and single vineyard selections
  • Blending seminars and other hands-on educational programs

A seated tutored tasting at the elegant Cullen Wines cellar door showcases their acclaimed Cabernet and Chardonnay. (Check more Review of Cullen Wines.)

So for the ultimate indulgent Margaret River wine experience, be sure to book premium tastings, experiences and dining at these celebrated, world-renowned estates.

Interactive Map Tool

Looking to easily map out the wineries, tours, dining and accommodation for your Margaret River trip? Check out this handy interactive planner tool:

Whether you’re staying in town, at a winery resort, or beach house, you can plot out all the top destinations you want to hit based on location and amenities. The tool estimates trip durations and even provides booking links to lock in your plans! One of the handiest tools for any oenophile mapping out their Margaret River adventure. If you don’t find any information in the map check out here.

Guided Winery Tours & Local Tour Operators

While self-drive touring provides flexibility to explore at your own pace, guided winery tours offer several key advantages like:

✔️ Luxury transportation direct from your hotel
✔️ Behind-the-scenes winery access and intimate tastings
✔️ No need to drive so you can fully immerse in the tasting experience!
✔️ Local guides to share insights, history, and insider tips

“Here are some top-rated local tour operators based on reviewer feedback:”

Tour CompanyTour TypesSample PackagesStarting PricesGuest Review Excerpt
The Wine & Truffle Co.Small Group (Max 12), Private, Custom ItinerariesHalf Day, Full Day, Multi-Day With AccommodationFrom $145 pp“The guides had a profound knowledge of wine that made every tasting a wonderful learning experience.”
Glass Half Full ToursLuxury Minibus, Specialty/Themed (Boutique, Cabernet, etc.)Half Day, Full Day With LunchFrom $125 pp“Got to visit some really off-the-beaten-path gems I’d never have found on my own. A truly insiders’ tour.”
Top Drop ToursHummer, Private/Custom GroupsHalf Day, Full Day With Brewery VisitFrom $165 pp“Super fun guides that kept things light and entertaining while still being really educational.”
Up There Champagne ToursSmall Group (Max 6), Private Aviation ToursFly & Sip Half Day, Full Day With Gourmet LunchFrom $995 pp“The aerial views of the region were breathtaking. An incredibly luxurious way to experience Margaret River.”
VarietyTasting NotesFood PairingsAgeabilityTop ProducersReviews
Cabernet Sauvignon– Dark fruits– Grilled meatsLong-term– Cullen“The greatest
– Cedar– Hard cheeses20+ years– Moss WoodCab…”
– Eucalyptus– Truffles🍷🍷🍷🍷– Vasse Felix
– Dusty tannins
Chardonnay– Stone fruits– Roast chickenMedium-term– Leeuwin“World-class
– Citrus zest– Cream sauces5-10 years– Cullenand unique”
– Toasted oak🍷🍷🍷– Vasse Felix
– Nutty
Semillon Sauvignon Blanc– Citrus– SeafoodDrink now– Leeuwin“Over-delivers
– Cut grass– Salads1-3 years– Vasse Felixon quality”
– Minerality– Cullen
Shiraz/Syrah– Black fruits– LambLong-term– Vasse Felix“Vivid fruit,
– Pepper– BBQ10+ years– Voyager Estateethereal
– Dried herbs– Hearty dishes🍷🍷🍷🍷– Cullenperfume”
– Savory spice– Windows Estate

Melbourne to Margaret River: Plan Your Winery Getaway

As one of Australia’s top destinations for food, wine and luxury escapes, Margaret River lies just a short 3.5 hour flight away from Melbourne – making it an ideal weekend/extended getaway for Victorians.

For Melburnians looking to experience the acclaimed wineries and natural scenery of Western Australia’s prized wine region, here are a few handy tips:

Getting There

  • Direct flights from Melbourne to Perth take around 3.5 hours
  • Rent a car at Perth Airport for the 3-hour drive south to Margaret River
  • Or, check out package deals that include airfare and chauffeured vineyards transfers

What to Book

  • In town, luxury hotels like Cape Lodge and Grande Mercure suit oenophiles
  • For an unforgettable winery estate stay, book at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
  • Pre-book special winery tasting experiences like Leeuwin’s annual concert series

Suggested Itinerary

  • Long Weekend (3 Days): Hit top highlights in the main Margaret River sub-region
  • 5 Days: Add an extra day to also explore wineries in Yallingup and Carbunup River areas
  • 7 Days: Spend a full week mixing winery visits with other leisure activities like golf, beaches, and dining

So whether it’s a quick oenophile escape or a true “decompression” getaway, Melbourne wine lovers have an amazing wine paradise awaiting just across the Nullarbor. Sip on, Victoria!

Sydney to Margaret River: The Perfect Pairing

With its booming food, wine and cultural scenes, Sydney has emerged as one of Australia’s culinary capitals. Yet just a short 4-hour flight west, the rolling vineyards of Margaret River offer an entirely different world-class wining and dining experience.

For Sydneysiders looking to trade the city’s energy for a more laidback, nature-focused escape, here are some tips for planning your ultimate Margaret River wine tasting getaway:

Getting There

  • Fly direct from Sydney to Perth (4 hrs), then rent a car or…
  • Check for air+coach transfer packages from tour operators
  • It’s a scenic 3.5 hour drive south from Perth to the heart of Margaret River

Where to Stay

  • Rent beach houses/villas near top wineries for privacy and space
  • Boutique lodges like Cape Lodge put you walkable to town
  • Winery resorts like Pullman Bunker Bay if you prefer amenities

What to Book

  • Reserved seated tastings at iconic estates like Vasse Felix, Cullen, Voyager
  • Book early for special events/concerts at Leeuwin, Hay Shed Hill
  • Cap nights with winery restaurants like Vasse Felix’s famed heritage cellar door
  • Consider a customized, fully-guided luxury tour experience

From the beaches and caves to the wineries, craft breweries, local art galleries and more, Margaret River offers a decidedly different WA experience from city life of Sydney. For those looking to recharge mind, body and spirit – there’s truly no better pairing than Margaret River.

Frequently Asked Questions About Margaret River Winery Tours

When is the best time of year to visit wineries in Margaret River?

While Margaret River has a relatively mild year-round climate that allows for winery visits anytime, many locals recommend the “Shoulder Seasons” of:

Fall/Autumn (March-May): Sunnydays, less crowded, ideal for the Margaret River Wine Region Festival
Spring (Sept-Nov): Wildflowers bloom, sunny weather, great for outdoor wine tastings and events

Of course, the Summer (Dec-Feb) is also a great time to visit and sip wines on winery patio patios. Just be prepared for the possibility of crowds during peak periods.

How many days should I spend exploring the Margaret River wineries?

While you could theoretically “wine taste” in a day or two, most experts suggest spending 3-5 days to have enough time to:

  • Properly explore the different sub-regions at a relaxed pace
  • Experience multiple wineries, not just tasting rooms
  • Allow time for vineyard tours, winemaker meetings, educational tastings
  • Build in other activities like hiking, beaching, dining etc.

Is it better to drive myself or take a guided winery tour?

The choice comes down to your preferences and situation, as both have their advantages:

Self-Drive Touring

  • Go at your own pace and schedule
  • Easily explore further off-the-beaten-path wineries
  • More affordable if traveling as a group

Guided/Chauffeured Tours

  • Don’t have to worry about driving after tastings
  • Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access at many wineries
  • Learn from expert guide’s local knowledge and insights

Ultimately, guided tours allow you to relax and experience more, while self-drive gives you more flexibility for your itinerary.

What are the signature wine styles and varieties to focus on in Margaret River?

Some of the key varietals to sample during your Margaret River winery experiences include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Bold, age-worthy reds with dark fruit and eucalyptus notes
  • Chardonnay: Complex, barrel-fermented whites with stone fruit and toasted oak
  • Semillon Sauvignon Blanc: Vibrant, crisp blended whites with citrus and mineral tones
  • Shiraz/Syrah: Spicy, peppery reds with robust blue/black fruit flavors
  • And try emerging varieties like Tempranillo, Vermentino, and Malbec too!

How can I arrange transportation for a self-guided Margaret River winery tour?

You have several transportation options to consider:

  • Rent a Car – Most convenient for independent touring on your schedule
  • Taxi/Rideshare – Grab a cab for shorter point-to-point winery visits
  • Shuttle Services – Several shuttle companies offer affordable, designated driver options
  • Bike Tours – Active touring companies offer guided and self-guided bike tours between wineries

With so many options, it’s easy to arrange transportation to experience the region’s wineries safely and easily on your own terms during your self-guided tour.

Margaret river vintage tour

Consider renting a car, hiring a driver/shuttle, biking, or taxis to get around during your self-guided touring.

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